Team Top Up Equipe 114

About the Rallye

The Rallye des Gazelles is a race in the Moroccan desert that respect the environment.
Our priority is the eco driving, and the problem of CO2 emission. We work with Yann Arthus Bertrand' s charity called Good Planet. They bring along materials to incinerate all the carnage and residuals behind the rallye.
In our case a team of 2 driving a 4x4 to get to the right cardinal points only with a road book, a map, a compass in a minimum mileage with respect of the environment and bringing support of local's way of life!
Speed and time are not relevant only the mileage and how we ride the sands bands desert.
Human values that teams shares such as help, solidarity, determination,courage make that rallye a formidable adventure and a unique competition!    

We Love new challenges especially when it does involve sport, travel and racing. 
Sonia -  Film editor - Jersey
Delphine - Grapic designer - Marseille

We met in 2011 during the raid Amazon (a feminine sport challenge combining running, canoeing, and cycling for a week!) in French Guyana always for charity support. The adven- ture was tremendous so we do it every year in a different wild country.

The Rallye is our new goal for 2018!
Our assests :
Both very athletic and motivated we love learning and do our best!
For that race to be a success we thought we will prepare well and treat ourselves to a real training with Isabelle Patissier and Thierry Delli-Zotti both experienced drivers with multiple Dakar.
We learn the basic essentials of driving off road, on tracks, sand, dunes, measure out the power, master sliding, learn to tame our machine.
We learn also the basic essentials of the co-piloting. Reading and interpretation of a road book, the use of basic navigation devices, emergency mechanical, basic navigation course, geographic coordi- nates, place them on a map all that in the Sahara desert in South Morocco where the Rallye will be.
The Rallye will be aired on national Tv.
Every evening we will be on national tv on a short program about the Rallye.
Also we will get in touch with the local media, the press and radio.


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